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    Historical information about the Student Scientific Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department


    Since its foundation (1993) at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy started working Student scientific society, participation in which over 20 years actively accept students of various disciplines and learning. It should be emphasized researchers who began their research in the department and student scientific Society gained considerable success: Otrishko I.A. (1997-1999), Shebeko S.K. (1998-2001), Zupanets K.O. (2002-2004), Grintsova O.Ye. (2003-2005). They defended their dissertations then, received the title of associate professors and continue to carry out research and teaching in the National University of Pharmacy. Davishnya N.V. (2011-2012) and Vetrova K.V. (2008-2012) perform their dissertations and working at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy.

    Students perform research in the following scientific directions of the department:

    • studying pharmacological properties amino sugars derivatives, combinations with NSAIDs, antibacterial agents, flavonoids and development on the basis of their medicines;

    • condition of the correction of the toxic properties of anticancer drugs;

    • condition of clinical pharmacology of drugs and ways of optimization the use of drugs in clinical practice;

    • improving pharmaceutical care of patients in pharmacies;

    • clinical study of drugs and bioequivalence study.

    In 2018-2019, following the results of student research, 12 theses were published at all-Ukrainian scientific and practical events.

    In April 2019, students actively participated in the International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students “Actual Issues of Creating New Medicines”, which resulted in 7 oral presentations, 12 abstracts published and 3 awards received (diplomas I, II and III degree).

    On March 19-20, a student of Natalchenko Edward took part in the 3rd Universiade in Clinical Pharmacology, which was held on the basis of the National Medical University. A.A. The god of prayer Head – ass. Popov A.S.

    On April 3-5, student Demchenko Anastasia took part in the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student works in English (“Pharmacology, Pharmacy”). Head – ass. Gerasymenko O.V.

    In the SSS of the department, work is carried out to find and receive grants and scholarships to perform student research.

    The staff of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy always happy to cooperate and help hard-working, willing, persistent, purposeful, intelligent and resourceful future young scientists in carrying out the first steps towards a major achievement and academic success!