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  • Historical referenceDepartment of Clinical Pharmacy was founded in March 1993. It was renamed into Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy (CPCP) according the Order # 349k “About the reorganization of departments” dated 20.05.2013.

    The educational activity of Department has been started from teaching students specialty “Pharmacy” about new subject “Clinical Pharmacy”, which teaching methodology was fundamentally different from other clinical subjects. Emphasis was placed on the symptoms and syndromes of the most common human diseases which a pharmacist is faced in their daily practice, and on the principles of rational drug usage in a particular patient. The Department of CPCP was the first place in Ukraine and CIS countries where pharmaceutical care has been named as the part of clinical pharmacy and as the main direction of pharmacist’s professional activity.

    Today the Department has responsibility for teaching of 24 academic subjects and 5 educational and manufacturing practices and internships. The Department of CPCP trains the students of direction “Pharmacy” (specialty “Pharmacy”, “Clinical Pharmacy”, “Technology of Perfumery and Cosmetics”, “Technology of Drugs”) and “Medicine” (specialty “Laboratory diagnostics”), the “bachelor”, “specialist” and “Master” degrees, including foreign students in English. Basic, as well as elective discipline aimed to improving of skills of clinical pharmacist in specialized hospitals (Clinical Pharmacy in cardiology, pediatrics, clinic of mental diseases, oncology, dermatology), are taught by experienced professionals of practical medicine, doctors and professors of corresponding branch. Education of students (or masters) is carried out on the bases of medical treatment establishments – directly at the patient’s side.

    According to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine # 86 dated 26.02.2003 and the Order # 762 dated 27.12.2005 the Department of Clinical Pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacy of National University of Pharmacy is the principal for the training of the following academic subjects: “Clinical Pharmacy” for specialty “Pharmacy” and “Technology of Perfumery and Cosmetics”, “Pharmaceutical care” for specialty “Clinical Pharmacy”.

    In the period of 1999-2004 years the subjects “Laboratory and functional diagnostics” was started to teach at the Department. “The Clinical and Laboratory Methods of  Examination”, the first textbook in Ukraine for the students of pharmaceutical specialties was developed and published.

    The experience of teaching of “Laboratory and functional diagnostics” by Department of CPCP provided an opportunity to NUPh in 2001 to get a license to carry out the educational activity for the training of bachelors of specialty “Laboratory diagnosis” in direction “Medicine”.

    In the field of development and improvement of pharmaceutical education the most significant achievement of the Department of CPCP is the contribution to the conceptualizing, creation of legal, regulatory and educational basis for the foundation of the new pharmaceutical specialty “Clinical Pharmacy” first in Ukraine and the first successful implementation of specialist of new generation – a clinical pharmacist – into the practical public health in CIS.

    Concerning the educational literature for the new specialty the innovative developments of staff of Department of CPCP – textbooks “Clinical Pharmacy” and “Clinical Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Care”, atlases, manuals and handbooks of pharmaceutical care, tutorial “Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine: symptoms and syndromes in practical pharmacy” should be mentioned. Currently, these educational materials are used not only by students of NUPh, but also by numerous medical schools in Ukraine and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Armenia). Some of the methodological developments have been approved at the state level and became the basis for the creation of legislative acts, for example, first in the world “The Protocols of the pharmacist” developed in collaboration with the State Expert Center of MoH of Ukraine and  approved by the Order № 875 of 11.10.2013.

    The Department of Clinical Pharmacy was included into the list of the clinical departments by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine # 121 dated 28.05.93. It allowed to dispose the Department at the site of medical treatment establishment and conduct the students’ training directly at the bedside of patients. During 20 years of existence the Department of CPCP were collaborating with the following scientific and medical institutions: the scientific-practical medical center of Kharkiv National Medical University, Institute of Therapy named after L.T. Malaya under the NAMS of Ukraine, Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology under the NAMS of Ukraine, Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology under the NAMS of Ukraine. The achievements of Department of CPCP in clinical research provided the basis for the foundation and successful function of the first Ukrainian university clinic at the National University of Pharmacy in 2000. This clinic deals with I phase of clinical trials and study of bioequivalence of drugs.

    There are 7 MDs, including 3 professors, 14 PhDs, including 9 associate professors and 4 assistants without a scientific degree at the department today.

    From 1993 till now, Igor A. Zupanets, MD, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine is the permanent Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy.

    Professor Sergey B. Popov (Head of the clinical base of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medical Products), Professor Tatyana S. Sakharova (Scientific Secretary of the Specialized scientific board D 64.605.03 in specialty 14.03.05 pharmacology, member of Approbation Commission of Specialized scientific board D 64.605.03), Associate Professor Natalya P. Bezuglaya (coordinator of clinical trials of medicinal products), Associate Professor Evgeni F. Grintsov (Director of Clinical and Diagnostic Center of NUPh), Associate Professor Svetlana V. Misyuryova (Head of the Laboratory of Clinical Diagnostics of CDC) are the distinguished members of the Department.

    18 monographs, 28 scientific guidelines, 12 textbooks, 36 manuals, 36 reference books were elaborated and published by Department staff. The intellectual property of inventions is protected by 80 patents of Ukraine.

    During the existence of the Department under the supervision of professors the 4 MD and 21 PhD theses were defended.