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    Scientific and research activities of the Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department 

    The Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy is one of the leading places of the conducting of scientific research by the National University of Pharmacy. Every year the team of the department has published dozens of articles in scientific and popular journals, newsletters, research guidelines, it has presented reports on domestic and foreign conferences. Since 1993 in the department 19 monographs, more than 30 textbooks and manuals have been written, more than 100 patents and copyright certificates, dozens of grants have been recieved. The department has also actively been engaged into the implementation of new drugs. There have been conducted over 60 clinical and experimental studies, including those implemented in Ukraine, the first phase of clinical trials (in healthy volunteers) has been provided. Seven doctoral and 21 PhD thesis have been defended at the chair, 7 PhD have been prepearing. The main inspiration of the scientific activity of the department is the CEO Igor Zupanets. He has implemented a new field of study in pharmacy, that is clinical pharmacy, and he has proposed a new field of pharmaceutical activity, such as pharmaceutical care.

    The main scientific directions of the department:

    Search and clinical and pharmacological studies of promising compounds in a number of derivatives of amino sugars glucosamine and its compositions with NSAIDs and flavonoids (Supervisor of the direction – Professor IA Zupanets).
    Clinical and pharmacological research chondroprotective properties of biologically active compounds (Supervisor of the direction – Professor IA Zupanets).
    Scientific substantiation of models of organization and conduct of clinical studies involving healthy volunteers (Supervisors – Professor IA Zupanets, Associate Professor NP Bezuglaya).
    Drug Development methodology for studying the equivalence (Supervisors – Professor IA Zupanets, Professor SB Popov, Associate Professor NP Bezuglaya).
    The development and practical implementation of ideas and positions of pharmaceutical care in the field of applied medicine and pharmacy (Supervisors – Professor IA Zupanets, Associate Professor VV Propisnova).
    Development of theoretical, fundamental and organizational foundations of Clinical Pharmacy (Supervisors – Professor IA Zupanets, Associate Professor VV Propisnova).

    The main scientific units of the department: